Food Packages

We are capable of immediately responding to the ever-changing market needs. All processes of the production are carried out in our company. All processes from graphic design, woven tube net, and label manufacturing, to printing, and final assembly are done in our facility. Our large production capacity and extensive commercial network ensure fast deliveries and customer service all over the world. Extensive testing and trials are conducted in order to provide customers with high-quality products. For all products, resistance, reliability, and high-quality graphic designs are guaranteed.

Packages for Fresh Foods

Packages for Fresh Frozen Foods

Vacuum Package and DoyPak Package

Dry Food and Spice Packages

Dry Food Packages

Spice Packages

Bakery Packages

Detergent and Cleaning Product Packages

Detergent Packages

Cleaning Product Packages

Lamination Film

They are the films that are laminated to PVC and PET thermoform foils with solvent or solvent-free glue application. PVC foil/pe film, pet foil/pe lamination film.

Shrink Film

Shrink films are used in many sectors such as water, beverage, automotive, food, forest products, cleaning materials, etc. Depending on customer demands, they are made in various sizes and printed-unprinted forms.

Shrink films are made of low-density polyethylene raw materials as single-layer or multi-layer in co-extruder machines. Low-density polyethylene raw materials, melted with high heat treatment to turn into a wax, are formed as films by adjusting their dimensions and thicknesses using the molds in the co-extruder machines.


Food Packages
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