Onion Peeling Machine

The onions are picked up from the feeding hopper automatically and then they are positioned by the feed operator so that the top and the tail of the onions are set horizontally across the carrier bands. The FLP-75 onion peeling machine has the ability to cut the upper and lower part of the onion with a single movement.

This onion peeling machine cleans the outer skin of the onions with compressed air without any harm to the product.

The FLP-75 onion peeling machine is good for peeling onions in the range of 45 mm to 105 mm, and the peeling is performed without requiring additional part replacement. Thanks to the R&D department and the pneumatic grading system developed by our experienced engineers, the onions are cut with minimum waste without spoiling the form of the product. Onion peeling machine has a variable speed control that the feed operator can easily adjust it. There is also digital display to monitor quantity output per minute

onion peeling machine
Onion peeling machine

Onion Peeling Machine Features FLP-75

  • Automatic level loading system designed to prevent bunker filling in special products.
  • Automatic loading of onions from the bunker.
  • Double blade system placed sideways to cut the top and tail of the onion in one move.
  • Double knife system with depth and tension control adjustment for easy stripping of the onion’s outer skin.
  • Six port skinning wheel with an outer cover. Air supply into the skinning wheel through the rotary air joint.
  • Unloading and sliding section for product and the skin separation. Three pieces of inverter drive.
  • Health and safety protection in accordance with CE regulations.
  • Please confirm local voltage when ordering. Additional enhanced security systems.
    onion peeling machine features

    Onion Peeling Machine Technical Details FLP-75

    Product Size Range: Good for onions in diameter of 45-105 mm

    Capacity :Up to 4,500 units per hour

    The Material of Construction :Stainless steel

    Product Contact Parts :All stainless steel

    Product Contact Parts : All stainless steel

    Electric :2,2 kw 50 hz 1 pn 220-240 volt

    Hava :2,70m3/min 8 kg/cm2 8 bar @95cfm

    Weight :Approx. 935 kg

    Onion peeling machine technical details

    Advantages Of The Onion Peeling Machine FLP-75

    • Simple installation and ease of use.
    • Easy machine cleaning and disinfecting.
    • No need to change parts for peeling operation.
    • Minimum labor requirement for maximum output.
    • Easy handling of different sizes of onions.
    • Extended working area for quality selection and positioning.
    • Adjustable stripping blades depending on the onion quality for the right cutting.
    • Easy connection for electric supply and air supply.
    • Requires minimum grading and sizing of the product.
    • Easy maintenance and change of spare parts.
    • Easy cleaning.
    • Comes with free of charge additional set of knives.
    • Stock compartment for the collection of waste.

    FLP-75 Machine Video


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